2020 Year in Review

Section 1

Community Lecture Series Hosted by Stem Cell Research Center
January 2020
To date, over 4,000 people have attended these events. Go to the link to watch the recorded lectures.
Seed Grant Awardees in Stem Cell Research
January 2020
The Seed Grant Program funds innovative basic and translational research projects proposed by top stem cell investigators from across the UCI campus. Starting in 2014, we have awarded $544,000 in initial funding.
Stem Cell Research Center PhD Candidate Recognized with Dr. Lorna Carlin Scholar Award
February 2020
Usha Nekanti studies with professor Aileen Anderson, PhD, in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology.
SCRC Member, Weian Zhao, PhD, Inducted into the UCI Faculty Innovation Fellowship
March 2020
After coming to UCI as an associate professor, Weian Zhao, PhD, cultivated his lab to perform research with a focus on developing solutions to address biomedical issues.
Trial for Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes Conducted at Alpha Stem Cell Clinic
March 2020
UCI Health researchers are studying a new approach to treating type 1 diabetes in a human clinical trial — one of only six sites in the world to evaluate the treatment.
Skin Center Led Study Reveals How Skin Cells Heal Wounds
March 2020
Discovery could lead to better understanding of poor wound healing in diabetic patients.
Stem Cell Center Leads Labs Making Fluid for COVID-19 Test Kits
April 2020
UCI researchers responds to urgent need at medical center. Aileen Anderson, PhD, says, "We’re happy to lend our support in any way we can. Our people are wildly enthusiastic about doing something to help those in need.”
SCRC Faculty Member, Henry Klassen, PhD, Receives $6.6M CIRM Grant
April 2020
New grant to support repeat dosing of previously treated patients and ongoing cell manufacturing activities.
CIRM Funds its First Clinical Study for COVID-19 at Alpha Stem Cell Clinic
April 2020
The governing Board of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) continued its commitment to help with the coronavirus pandemic by awarding $749,999 to Dr. John Zaia at City of Hope.
SCRC Faculty Member, Weian Zhao, PhD, Leads Pipelines Toward COVID-19 Therapies and Vaccines
May 2020
This project aims to develop a platform technology that can accelerate development of prophylactic and treatment vaccines and antivirus therapeutic antibodies against COVID-19.
CIRM Continues Support for SCRC Faculty Member Founded Company
May 2020
jCyte, a company founded by Drs. Henry Klassen and Jing Yang, has entered into a partnership with global ophthalmology company Santen.
SCRC Faculty Member, Leslie Thompson, PhD, Receives Research Award
May 2020
Dr. Thompson's research focuses on understanding pathogenic mechanisms of neurodegenerative disease, including Huntington's disease (HD).
SCRC Faculty Member, Thomas Lane, PhD, Receives Research Award
May 2020
Dr. Lane's work will inform an understanding of how immune cells interact with central nervous system cells during demyelination and remyelination, ultimately leading to better MS therapies.
SCRC Faculty Member, Dr. Lisa Flanagan Awarded NSF Grant
June 2020
As the body forms during development, the cells that generate each organ receive a wide array of signals that help them decide what types of mature cells to become.
SCRC Faculty Members Receive 2020 ICTS Pilot Studies Awards
June 2020
Congratulations to the awardees. Click on the link below to read more.
Clinicians & Researchers Receive Record $529 Million in Funding
July 2020
Twenty percent more than last year, the total reflects strong support for campus mission.
SCRC Members Receive Distinguished Faculty Awards
July 2020
Awarded to Senate members who have achieved excellence through their activities in research, teaching, mentorship, and service.
SCRC Member Founded Company Announces Encouraging Results For Phase 2 Trial
July 2020
While most people probably wouldn’t put 2020 in their list of favorite years, it’s certainly turning out to be a good one for jCyte.
Low-cost COVID-19 Antibody Detection Platform Codeveloped by SCRC Member, Weian Zhao, PhD
August 2020
Portable imager could massively increase testing across the nation by end of 2020.
Researchers to Examine COVID-19 Impact on Heart
August 2020
SCRC member Anna Grosberg, PhD, and colleagues Wendy Liu, PhD and Elliot Botvinick, PhD, are investigating the immune system and cardiac function in cases of coronavirus.
SCRC Researchers Make Discovery Regarding Neural Stem Cell Behavior and Neurorepair
September 2020
Therapeutic transplantation of human neural stem cells (hNSC) offers a promising approach for neural repair in neurodegenerative disorders.
SCRC Members, Christopher Hughes, PhD, and Leslie Thompson, PhD, Awarded NIH Grant
October 2020
For too long, studies of the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) have ignored the blood component of this interface, focusing almost exclusively on the cells of the Neurovascular Unit (NVU).
Advancing Breakthough Science Hosted by Dr. Aileen Anderson
October 2020
Stem Cell Research Center celebrates 10 years of innovation. “The future of this field is bright and filled with promise,” says Aileen Anderson, PhD.
SCRC Members Weian Zhao, PhD, and Sunil Gandhi, PhD, Win Innovator Awards
October 2020
Innovator Awards recognize researchers working actively to promote commercialization of university intellectual property, which supports industry growth and moves inventions from the lab to market to benefit humankind.
CIRM Board Approves Four New Clinical Trials
November 2020
The total number of CIRM-funded clinical trials is 68. These new additions have allowed the state agency to exceed the goal of commencing 50 new trials.
Welcome New Faculty to the SCRC
November 2020
Welcome new faculty members! Click on the names below to see their faculty pages:
A Message Regarding Prop 14
November 2020
On Nov. 3, 2020 Californians chose to re-invest in regenerative medicine research by voting for proposition 14. We salute the California electorate for its leadership of the nation in this area.
Fluidigm Helios Mass Cytometer Install
November 2020
The Center continues to provide research resources such as the FLUIDIGM Helios which is a high-performance cell analyzer providing multiparameter analysis