Donor FAQ

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Donations to the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center support our research mission by allowing the retention and recruitment of faculty, maintenance and support of high quality research equipment.

How is the center funded?

Research at the Center is funded primarily by the California of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and philanthropic support from private donors. The administration of the center is supported by the university.

Why is private support so important?

Philanthropic support is a vital to our success. Obtaining funding from major funding agencies like the National Institutes of Health can take years.  If we have a new idea, donor funds allow us to begin research right away. For patients suffering from diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, Huntington’s disease, heart disease or Parkinson’s disease and many other diseases, every day counts.

Why is the center named after Sue and Bill Gross?

Sue and Bill Gross provided $10 million to support the construction of Sue and Bill Gross: A CIRM Institute. Their visionary gift allowed us to obtain a $27 million grant from CIRM to construct Gross Hall and later a $12.7 million grant from NIH to renovate the basement. In all, their gift has so far leveraged $40 million to support stem cell research. We can leverage donor support to raise more money to support this research.

Why donate to the Center?

Stem cell research will transform the way that medicine is practiced and forever change the way that human diseases and injuries are treated. Few of us have the opportunity to truly impact the world we live in. Stem cell research promises to do just that. This is our opportunity to impact our world and we need to seize this moment. Please join the cause. Your support, whether it be by action or by financial support, can help the lives of people suffering from a wide variety of disease from Alzheimer’s to cancer, diabetes to heart disease, Parkinson’s disease to stroke.

What will my donation support?

All of your donation will be used to support research. The administrative costs of the Center are supported by the university. Your support can speed up the pace of research or provide support for new ideas and leverage support from Federal or State agencies and Foundations. Effectively, your donations can allow us to obtain more funding for stem cell research.

What types of research could my donation support?

There is a wide range of research going on at UCI Stem Cell Research Center. If you are interested in supporting a specific research area, please click here or contact us to learn more about how your support could directly impact the development of new treatments for human disease.

What if I don’t have money to give?

You can support the center through action. Come and visit the center and learn about the exciting research going on here and then tell your friends in the community. Or invite a scientist out into the community to talk about stem cell research. You can become an important advocate for stem cell research. Details can be found on our "Request a Speaker" page.

Can I specify what I would like my donation to go to?

Yes, absolutely. If you have an interest in a specific disease or injury or are interested in supporting the research of a particular researcher, you can specify that your support be used for that purpose.

How do I request a group tour of the center?

To arrange a group tour, contact Amber Harness