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International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

Guidelines for stem cell research and clinical translation


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Nine things to know about stem cell treatments


Stem cell treatments: what to ask


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Direct to consumer stem cell "therary" in the news:

FDA April 2019 statement on stem cell treatments that “put patients at risk.”


Washington Post news report on stem cell “therapies” that blinded patients.


Washington Post on the ‘miraculous’ stem cell therapy that sickened people in 5 states.


TV news (KSAT ABC, Texas) consumer safety report on the danger of new unproven stem cell therapy.


An orthopedic surgeon discusses the use of stem cells for arthritic knees.


L.A. Times report about a stem cell company that falsely claims affiliations with UCI and other prestigious universities.


Prevention magazine (Dec. 2018) examined stem cell treatments.


Investigative report on KCAL news about an Orange Co. clinic.


The Federal Trade Commission acts against several clinics for false advertising.