ChemiDoc XRS System


The ChemiDoc XRS imager is optimized for high-resolution epiwhite, fluorescent (blue, green, and red), and chemiluminescent samples. The ChemiDoc XRS system includes a supersensitive 12-bit CCD, a light-tight compact darkroom, a slide-out trans-illuminator with preparative mode for added safety when manually visualizing samples, a software-driven motorized lens, and powerful, user-friendly Quantity One software.

The ChemiDoc XRS can be used for imaging in a wide variety of applications such as western blotting, nucleic acid detection, 2-D gel electrophoresis, dot blotting, densitometry, and colony counting.

An amber broad range band pass filter allows a spectral range of 548-630nm and can be used for SYBR Green, GFP, SYBR Gold, Fluorescein, CY3, Rhodamine, SYPRO Ruby, Texas Red, Hoechs, and Coumarin.

UV trans-illumination with a peak at 302nm is compatible with a wide range of applications including ethidium bromide, SYBR green, SYBR gold, SYPRO orange, Fluorescein, Radiant Red, Texas Red, SYPRO Red, GelStar, CY3, Rhodamine, Hoechst, and Coumarin.

For Training Please Contact:
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