Axion Biosystems Maestro Edge

Axion Biosystems Maestro Edge


The Maestro Edge is perfect for characterizing newly created iPS cells, researching the behavior of diseased cells, screening for drugs to treat that disease, or examining potential toxic effects of drug candidates.

The Maestro Edge uses 6 and 24 wells Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs) that contain grids of electrodes to measure and record electrical network behavior in live neurons, heart cells, and muscle cells at high throughput. Impulses are controlled by electrical pulses.

Cardiac: Many disorders of the heart are the result of subtle changes to cardiomyocyte excitability, contractility, or both. Record the four key measures of functional cardiac performance, label-free and in real-time in every well of the multiwell plate: [1] Propagation; [2] Field Potential; [3] Contractility; and [4] Action Potential. Furthermore, the Cardiac Analysis Tool (formerly CiPA) detects drug-induced arrhythmia effects.

For Training Please Contact:
Allia Fawaz
SCRC Core Microscope Imaging Manager
Gross Hall Building Manager
(949) 824-0430