Azure Biosystems c600 System

Azure Biosystems c600 System


The Azure Biosystems c600 imager can image gels, blots, plates, tissues, and small animal models. It is optimized for high-resolution images for:


  • UV light (302nm and 365nm)
  • Trans-visible/white light
  • Epi-white light
  • Blue light (470nm)


  • Chemiluminescence (with the same sensitivity as film)
  • RGB fluorescence (460, 526, and 628nm)
  • Near-IR fluorescence (660nm and 785nm) for better sensitivity and lower background

The Azure Biosystems c600 imager includes a high resolution camera, a light-tight compact darkroom, a software-driven motorized lens, and multiplex detection.

It also includes powerful, user-friendly AzureSpot software, which can:

  • Automatically detect lanes and bands
  • Correct for background
  • Molecular size/pI calibration
  • Calculate molecular weights
  • Quantify fluorescent signals
  • Array analysis (96 well and microarrays)
  • Annotate your results
  • Visualize multiplex analyses
  • Export reports

The Azure Biosystems c600 can be used for imaging in a wide variety of applications such as western blotting, nucleic acid detection, 2-D gel electrophoresis, dot blotting, densitometry, and colony counting.

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